About Me

Hi everyone, this is the Lazy Handheld Man. Like most of you, I grew up with a deep passion for games, enjoying quite a lot home console generations, starting with dying a lot in The Legend of Zelda – Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Before I went to primary school, my grandma spoiled me by lending me money to spend on playing PlayStation 1. Then I was gifted a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and to be honest, what we call “retro games” at the moment was the best thing happening to me.

As a teenager, I was lucky enough to have the first handheld – the Game Boy Advance, which I play so many games that I can remember. I am so in love with the Game Boy that I find myself hoarding batteries and reading Neoseeker walkthroughs intensively. I can easily tell you names of the first 151 Pokemon, and surprisingly, such memory still haunts me to this day.

However, with the growing of e-sports, I slowly drifted away from the Game Boy. All I can remember is me waiting patiently for Steam and Humble Store sales to get Dota 2’s Battle Pass or the Batman: Arkham Trilogy. I have sticked with PC gaming for a long time, and the first thing I bought with my working salary is a desktop PC system.

But then, I married and have two kids. And I find myself again not touching any games. I spent $2500 for PC rig but the only thing I did is working, listening to music, and surfing Epic Game Store for free games. Perhaps this would be the end for my gaming life.

Thankfully, my wonderful wife bought me a Nintendo Switch. At first, I would only think of racing with my twin daughters in Mario Kart 8. I was wrong, the handheld experience is truly what I need to attach with gaming again.

And to this day, I’m the Lazy Handheld Man. I bought several handheld devices as the only mean to enjoy games, and I’m happy. Playing for 20 minutes before Monday meeting, checked. Something to enjoy in lunch break, checked. Don’t know what to do when daughters decide to draw instead of talking, unfolded the Nintendo 3DS. So on and so on.

Why do I start this blog?

So when I really like the Nintendo Switch, I hooked immediately into the older retro systems. I felt nostalgic enough to buy a Game Boy immediately. However, being nostalgic doesn’t last long, and I am not as good as my past self in gaming anymore. Thankfully, there are tons of Chinese handheld emulator devices to make gaming experience better.

However, the problem is who to follow to get an overview of each handheld? Russ from RetroGameCorps is a brilliant man, but I’m lazy enough to skip most parts of his videos. Other reviews are nowhere near his standards, not to mention that some random ads will jump right at the middle of my screen. I miss my days reading gaming magazines in the past, and I thought to myself, “Why don’t I start a blog of handheld devices only?” That would be a great experience, and I have incentive to try newer devices.

In this new path, I luckily meet and talk with people who love game like me, who prefer reading and quickly capturing points of interest than watching videos, who share games with me. If you like to “read” reviews, you will find me.

Lazy Handheld Man’s blog is your bridge to the perfect handheld for enjoying video games.

Some thoughts

I write the Lazy Handheld Man Blog as my hobby, and I prefer to think the handheld devices as just a mean of loving video games more. By playing games, the experience reflects the pros and cons of the handheld system. The only thing can cloud my mind is my personal fondness for one handheld, and I can say it out loud that I love the New Nintendo 3DS system the most. Other than that, I will guarantee to tell the truths, even the hard truths of any handheld devices. So well, I do not accept payment or sponsorship. I would like to buy products for reviewing, because the money I spent weighs heavier.

At the moment, Lazyhandheldman.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. My website doesn’t target children under the age of 13. Additionally, Lazyhandheldman.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and I sometimes get a commission through purchases made through my links.

The full above paragraph is necessary to tell that by buying anything from my links, you’re helping me with money. You will think that it would be the incentive to drive me write anything bias for the products, however, I believe reading my blog will help you buy less RG35XX. If you find other websites tend to push you buy a handheld, come to me for the honest reviews. After all, we users are necessary to force companies make their handhelds better.

Thanks to support from affiliate links, I hope I can do everything one man can to keep up with this hobby, and to a certain extent, help you enjoy your games better.