Week #6: Silent Hill

The lazyhandheldman’s weekly handheld game recommendation is inspired by subreddit SBCGaming’s “Game of the Month”. Today, my recommendation is Silent Hill.

It seems I missed the Halloween event this year, as it took longer than I expected to finish the first establishment of Silent Hill. It is also the only game in the famous Silent Hill series that I play till now.

Silent Hill

Release: 1999

Original console: PlayStation

Developer(s): Team Silent

Publisher(s): Konami

Genre(s): Horror

Series: Silent Hill

Recommended handhelds to play: Anbernic RG405M, Anbernic RG353M

Best for

  • People who enjoy survivor horror genre

If you want an experience similar to Asian horror movies (mostly from Japan, Korea and Thailand), Silent Hill is a perfect setup for your fear. It is more of a psychological type of horror referring unknown fear, rather than specific fear like ghosts, monsters or alike. Playing this game with headphones on will keep you awake all night.

  • People who hate jumpscares

Silent Hill doesn’t rely on cheap jumpscares like the famous F.E.A.R series, as it induces fear by forming a disturbing atmosphere for gamers throughout the game. This is the similar feeling that I’ve when watching movies like Hereditary. For me alone, I hate jumpscares and so I don’t buy games that rely mostly on shoving scary figures into my face.

The fog conceals everything, forming a disturbing atmosphere that haunts me in childhood

Worst for

  • People who don’t enjoy retro games

Silent Hill is a very old game that isn’t suitable for modern gamers anymore, although I guess most audiences of lazyhandheldman will enjoy retro games to a degree. If you’re going to use only D-Pad for this game, you will find camera setting to be a little bit hard to navigate. Also, graphics are not really the same as today, so if you hate the graphics, skip the game.

  • People who hate puzzle

Sadly, most successful horror titles are including of puzzles. Silent Hill is a bit more difficult than today games in terms of puzzle solving, and I sometimes need to google for a solution. Still, the game is okay to enjoy, unless you’re very impatient.

Recommended handhelds to play

As a PlayStation 1 title, Silent Hill is not a demanding system for modern retro handheld emulators. You can easily play the game with a Miyoo Mini Plus or RG35XX. However, as the game supports DualShock controller, I still recommend either the Anbernic RG353M or Anbernic RG405M for better gaming experience. The newer Retroid Pocket 2S is also a good candidate to play PS1 titles, though I’m still waiting for my order to come.