How to install ArkOS on your retro handheld emulators?

With so many cheaper handhelds using the RockChip RK3326 or RK3566 processor, you will want to know how to install ArkOS. ArkOS (A RockChip OS) is designed specifically for RockChip retro handheld emulator variants, for example:

What you need

  • The latest version of 7zip
  • The latest version of ArkOS
  • The latest version of Rufus

How to install ArkOS?

Make sure that your microSD card is in exFAT format. If not, you can easily insert the SD card into a Windows PC, right click on the drive and quick format to exFAT. I recommend to read my handheld SD card guide, to know which SD card you should choose (quite a long guide).

Additionally, you need to turn off your retro handheld emulator.

  • Use 7zip to extract that you previously downloaded in prerequisites
  • Open Rufus, select Device to be your SD card. In Boot selection, choose the specific image that you previously extracted
  • Click START. Then click OK. The process of writing ArkOS to your SD card needs 5-10 minutes to be done
  • Don’t format any partitions after that
  • Eject the SD card from your computer, then insert it into the retro handheld emulator. Power on the device
  • Your device will restart several times (normally twice) for the flashing process. Wait until you see the Emulationstation menu displayed
  • In EASYROMS partition, your device will automatically add ROM folders. If not, you can read my ROM folder names guide to add manually

You’ve finished installing Garlic OS 2.0 on your Retroid Pocket 2 Plus.