How to watch movie on AmberELEC for Anbernic RG351?

As usual, many people are using their own retro handheld emulators as media players. The series of Anbernic RG351 handhelds have enough power to play as a movie player for different formats. Today, I will make a quick guide on how to watch movie on AmberELEC for Anbernic RG351 and RG552.

If you’re going to make AmberELEC working on another handheld, for example the PowKiddy RGB20S that’re using the same processor as the RG351 series, this guide is fully applicable to your case.

What you need

How to watch movie on AmberELEC?

  • If you have AmberELEC (351ELEC) on your Anbernic RG351 device, it should include a movie player by default
  • Insert the SD card to a computer, make a folder mplayer inside /storage/roms/ if there is none
  • Put video files into this folder. Then put the SD card back to your handheld (TF1 slot in RG351MP and RG351V)
  • In EmulationStation, choose mplayer

Which file can AmberELEC video player play?

AmberELEC can support video files in format .mp4 .mkv .avi .mov .wmv .m3u .mpg

Global shortcuts for AmberELEC video player

R1Skip 5 seconds
SELECT + R1Skip 60 seconds
L1Rewind 5 seconds
SELECT + L1Rewind 60 seconds
SELECT + STARTQuit video player
L2 + SELECT + STARTKill process (in case the video player crashes)

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my RG351 tutorial.