How to add games in AmberELEC on RG351 devices?

AmberELEC (formerly known as 351ELEC) is my favorite custom firmware for every model in the Anbernic RG351 family, including of the Anbernic RG351M, RG351P, RG351MP, and RG351V. The custom firmware is also available for the Anbernic RG552, and if you follow my guide on how to install AmberELEC on other RK3326 handhelds, the possibilities are a lot more to count.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to add games in AmberELEC, mostly the RG351V and RG351MP because they have two slots for external microSD cards.

What you need

How to add games in AmberELEC on RG351 devices?

If you follow my AmberELEC installation guidelines closely, it would be easy to add games in AmberELEC. Otherwise, you may encounter either one of these two problems:

  1. AmberELEC isn’t auto initialize or the initialization process took forever: You should first double check whether the flash image is correct for your device. Remember that both the RG351M and RG351P uses the same file for the RG351M, while the RG351MP uses its own file. Or else, your SD card could be corrupted, so follow my handheld SD card guide for checking your SD card.
  2. There is no GAMES folder: You only need to eject the SD card out of your RG351 handheld, then insert it again for the first auto initialization. If none occurs, you need to format then flash the image on your SD card again.

After fixing your problems, you can continue on how to add games in AmberELEC:

  • Make sure there is a GAMES folder. Insert the SD card (in TF1 slot for the RG351V and RG351MP) to a computer
  • Add games into each respective folder, make sure to follow the ROM folder names guideline
  • Add a separate BIOS folder inside the GAMES folder. Put BIOS files into each respective folder
  • Make sure again you don’t hide the game files in the SD card
  • Put SD card back into your RG351 handheld (TF1 slot for the RG351V or RG351MP)

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my PowKiddy RK3326 tutorial.