How to trade Pokemon in Miyoo Mini Plus?

With the latest stable version of Onion 4.2.0, you can trade Pokemon between different Miyoo Mini Plus devices. It is a great joy for users, especially when you will come across lots of questions related to Pokemon trading on Reddit. So here we are. This guide will help you know how to trade Pokemon in Miyoo Mini Plus.

Before you read

  • This guide is only applicable to the Miyoo Mini Plus, not the original “smaller” Miyoo Mini. You can find your model name in the back of the device. So, you need two Miyoo Mini Plus devices.
  • You need the latest stable Onion 4.2.0, not the beta version. My advice is read the article of Onion OS installation first.
  • Both devices must connect to Internet.
  • Both devices must own the same Pokemon game, for example Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Emerald, in the same region.
  • Make sure you learn your device with my Miyoo Mini Onion guide.

How to trade Pokemon in Miyoo Mini Plus?

To trade Pokemon between two Miyoo Mini Plus devices, you need to enable Easy Netplay. Go to AppsPackage Manager, then enable both Easy Netplay and Easy Netplay – Pokemon Trading. Then press R to navigate to Summary, and press START to save your changes.

The Easy Netplay is also one of the best Miyoo Mini Onion apps, so I guess you should update to the latest Onion OS to enjoy this application.

After that, you navigate to Games, choose the same Pokemon game in both Miyoo Mini Plus. Then press R when hovering over the game’s title, to open the setting menu for this game. One device needs to choose Pokemon Trade/Battle: Host Hotspot, while the other chooses Pokemon Trade/Battle: Join Hotspot.

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my Miyoo Tutorial.