How to add theme in Anbernic RG35XX (Garlic)?

Adding theme in RG35XX requires a bit more steps than adding theme in Miyoo Mini, because Garlic OS is just one-man work, and we can’t be rude to ask him make applications like the Theme Switcher. For me, adding theme is a cool feature, but I don’t see myself changing themes too much, so the RG35XX is enough for me. If you plan to change themes for your retro handheld device regularly, perhaps you should stick with the Miyoo Mini Plus.

So, get ready to add theme in the Anbernic RG35XX (Garlic OS). Also, make sure to read my ultimate RG35XX starter guide.

What you need

Download custom themes for RG35XX

I collect a total of 83 themes for the Anbernic RG35XX, which you can download and use freely. If there are more custom themes in the future, I certainly will try to add them to download.

How to add theme in RG35XX

  • To change themes, you should use the latest Garlic OS. I recommend to install latest Garlic OS for better performance (currently on v1.4.9).
  • Insert the SD card containing the CFW folder into your computer, go to this folder.
  • Unpack themes that you previously downloaded into CFW folder, overwrite anything asked.
  • Go to CFW/skin/, open and edit settings.json with Notepad. If you install Garlic OS using my guide, you can skip this step. Otherwise, replace these lines
"text-alignment": "center",
"text-margin": 16,


"text-alignment": "left",
"text-margin": 352,

How to make custom theme for Anbernic RG35XX

To make custom theme for Anbernic RG35XX (Garlic OS), you need a blueprint theme made by Aemiiii91, which can be used as the template for any new theme.

You can also change fonts for your custom theme, by adding font folder in CFW.

Theme Switcher in RG35XX (Garlic)

If you really want a Theme Switcher app in Garlic, which resembles the Theme Switcher of Onion OS, you can download it below:

This is the work of R3b0rn, a very active developer who made several apps for Garlic OS. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use Theme Switcher in Anbernic RG35XX.

  • Extract Theme Switcher that you downloaded
  • For the dual-card installation, you should select the proper folder depending on which SD card is containing system files. If you choose the first SD card, use files provided in the TF1 folder. Otherwise, use files provided in the TF2 folder if you choose the second SD card
  • Move both Themes and Icons folders located in SDCARD folder, to the root of your SD card
  • Move both THEMES and ICONS folders located in ROMS folder, to the Roms folder of your SD card
  • Copy your downloaded custom themes and icons into respective folders at the root of your SD card
  • Go to CFW folder, open and edit coremapping.json with Notepad, adding these two lines
"THEMES": "/bin/sh"
"ICONS": "/bin/sh"
  • Insert the SD card back to your Anbernic RG35XX. Go to Consoles > ICONS and run 000-Update_Icons_List. The script will automatically regenerate icons list from a template based on the /SDCARD/Icons folder
  • Go to Consoles > THEMES and run 000—Update_Themes_List—000. The script will automatically regenerate themes list from a template based on the /SDCARD/Themes folder
  • Whenever you add new theme or icon, or delete/rename an existed ones, you need to rerun these two scripts above again

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my RG35XX tutorial.