How to unlock hidden GPU in Anbernic RG35XX?

The Anbernic RG35XX has a PowerVR SGX544MP GPU which isn’t officially used by its stock OS. Bt unlocking the hidden GPU, you can add more raw power to emulate more difficult systems, such as the Nintendo DS (nds) and Nintendo 64 (n64) in the RG35XX, which is a big news. Finally, we can maximize the performance of this popular retro handheld device, and we can expect the RG35XX to be the best budget handheld available. Today, I will sum up on how to unlock hidden GPU in RG35XX.

Special thanks to Acmeplus, who found out how to unlock hidden GPU in RG35XX by using Batocera lite.

What you need

How to unlock hidden GPU in Anbernic RG35XX?

  • Follow my guide on how to install Koriki on RG35XX thoroughly. You can install Batocera lite on RG35XX instead
  • It would take 15-20 seconds to fully boot the system for the first time
  • As a result, the GPU is automatically unlocked
  • Remember to insert your SD card containing ROMs and BIOS into the TF2 slot

To improve the performance of the RG35XX, you can also overclock the CPU. On Koriki, press START and go to System Settings > Overclock. I recommend to set the overclock setting to be Turbo, so the RG35XX will overclock at only 1.3 GHz. Using Extreme setting will overclock at 1.5 GHz, making the RG35XX too hot to comfortably use.

Pros and cons of unlocking GPU in Anbernic RG35XX

While the concept of unlocking hidden GPU in RG35XX is awesome, you should be aware of multi pros and cons of this action, which ties to should you install Koriki or not.


  • GPU shaders for games
  • Gives enough power to run easy-to-play NDS and N64 titles
  • Better audio and video filters
  • Internet connection via USB ethernet adapter could be possible

  • Battery life is shorter
  • NDS can play in Garlic without GPU

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my RG35XX tutorial.