How to add theme in Miyoo Mini (Onion)?

The Theme Switcher is one of the best apps for Miyoo Mini, especially when there are more than 120+ custom themes made for Onion OS only. With better support from the developer community, the Miyoo Mini and its bigger brother, is super user-friendly to add new theme, especially when compared to adding themes in RG35XX.

While I don’t really use this feature, I understand a need to know how to add theme in Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus, so well, let’s check it out.

I also recommend to read my ultimate Miyoo Mini Onion guide first.

What you need

Download custom themes for Miyoo Mini

At the moment, there are more than 120 custom themes made by the community for the Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus, available for Onion OS v3.9 and later. You can easily download them below, which are applied for both Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus:

How to add theme in Miyoo Mini

  • To change themes, you must be using at least Onion v3.9. I recommend to install latest Onion OS for better performance (currently on v4.2).
  • Create a Themes folder at the root of your SD card.
  • Enable Theme Switcher by going to Apps > Package Manager.
  • Unpack themes that you previously downloaded into Themes folder.
  • Open Theme Switcher, and enjoy switching themes.

How to make custom theme for Miyoo Mini

To make custom theme for Miyoo Mini (Onion OS), you need a blueprint theme made by Aemiiii91, which can be used as the template for any new theme.

You need to compile these files in skin/extra folder:

  • bootScreen.png: Custom boot screen
  • Screen_Off.png: Custom shutting down screen
  • Screen_Off_Save.png: Custom saving + shutting down screen (when you shut down the Miyoo Mini in-game)
  • chargingState0.png -> chargingState23.png: All 24 of images for charging animation. You can also add chargingState.json containing a frame delay value (default 80 milliseconds, over 10,000 will change the unit to microseconds)
{ "frame_delay": 80 }
  • lum0.png -> lum10.png: All 11 images for brightness slider
  • toggle-on and toggle-off: toggle that presents in Pack Manager or Tweak.

You can also change fonts for your custom theme, by adding font paths in config.json to /mnt/SDCARD/miyoo/app/[FONT FILE]. For example:


List of included fonts that you can download for your custom theme in Onion OS:

  1. BPreplay Bold
  2. Exo 2 Bold Italic
  3. Helvetica Neue
  4. Helvetica Neue Bold
  5. WenQuanYi Micro Hei
  6. Adobe Blank

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my Miyoo Tutorial.