How to overclock CPU on Anbernic RG35XX?

If you install Garlic on RG35XX, you are able to overclock CPU and increase a little raw power to the most popular retro handheld emulator. As of the update on 21 January, Black Seraph added the feature to overclock CPU for the Anbernic RG35XX, which can fix some random in-game freezes that occurred in the past. So, in this quick guide, we will check out how to overclock CPU on RG35XX.

As usual, I recommend you to check my master RG35XX Garlic guide, which list all the best Garlic apps for your needs.

What you need

How to overclock CPU on Anbernic RG35XX?

  • Go to Settings > Power Management on Garlic
  • Check CPU Performance and Power, ensure to leave it at Balanced
  • Go back to Garlic menu, press SELECT
  • You will have 5 options to select between:
    • overclock++ @ 1.5 GHz max
    • overclock+ @ 1.3 GHz max
    • default @ 1 GHz max
    • underclock- @ 720 MHz max
    • underclock– @ 504 MHz max

How to always overclock CPU on Anbernic RG35XX to maximum value?

  • Go to RetroArch menu on Garlic (by pressing MENU + X)
  • Go to Settings > Show ‘Power Management’, enable it
  • Back two levels to RetroArch Power Management, ensure to leave it at Maximum Performance
  • Go back to Garlic menu, press SELECT
  • Choose: overclock++

What to consider when overclocking CPU on Anbernic RG35XX?

There are several things you should notice when overclocking CPU on the RG35XX:

  • My guide is only applied to the latest Garlic OS version (which is currently 1.4.9). Older Garlic version may be different
  • If you’re going to install Koriki for RG35XX, you can overclock CPU by:
    • Press START and go to System Settings > Overclock
    • Set the clock speed, quite similar to Garlic
    • Shut down the RG35XX, then reset the device by turning it on
  • If CPU usage is low, it will lower the CPU clock automatically. For example, even when you set overclock++ (max @ 1.5 GHz) and launch a NES(FC) game (Nintendo Entertainment System), it will downclock the CPU to only 720 MHz (which is underclock-)

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my RG35XX tutorial.