How to add games into Miyoo Mini?

One common question is How to add games into the Miyoo Mini? If you’ve done upgrading firmware and installing Onion on Miyoo Mini, you will proceed to adding BIOS files and games. You should check out what systems can Miyoo Mini Plus emulate, so you have a basics of which games you can add.

So, get ready to find out how to add games into Miyoo Mini.

Prepare your games and BIOS files

You need BIOS files and ROMs to proceed to the next step, so first prepare everything in requirement. I will direct you into reading these two interesting articles:

These above articles collect everything that I’ve learned about the legitimate of using ROMs and BIOS files. Make sure you’re reading everything before proceeding, it is important.

Dumping games that you own physically is the only way to get “backup” ROMs. Here is what I’ve done to dump my entire ROMs collection and BIOS files:

  • For NES system, you need Kazzo. Sadly, Kazzo supply is hard to get these days.
  • For SNES, N64, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis systems, you need Retrode 2. They are selling different plugins for dumping games and BIOS files for these systems. It also has plugin for dumping Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance systems. The Retrode 2 can also work as a console to play your legit cartridges.
  • For Game Boy Advance, you need a Nintendo DS Lite with a flashcard with GBA Backup Tool.
  • For Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, you need a Nintendo 3DS with homebrew system.
  • For PS1, PS2 and Saturn, you can rip with your CD or DVD drive using ImgBurn. I also recommend you to check out how to convert pbp to chd for PSX files.
  • For GameCube and Wii, you need a Wii system, which is pretty cheap. Use CleanRip with a USB stick or SD card.

How to add games into Miyoo Mini

To add games into Miyoo Mini, if you buy it as the first owner, you can transfer everything from the card included with the Miyoo Mini, then just replace everything in the Roms folder with your legit ROMs.

If you don’t receive the included card with your Miyoo Mini, you need to make a folder named Roms, and add manually each folder for each system. To add thumbnails for your games, you need to add an Imgs subfolder in each separate Roms folder (for example /GBA/Imgs for Game Boy Advance’s box arts).

If you want to know how to name your retro rom folders, read this article.

You also need a folder named BIOS at the root of your SD card. Copy all of BIOS files into this folder.

That’s all for adding games into your Miyoo Mini. You should read my complete Miyoo Mini Onion guide for required basics and settings.

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my Miyoo Tutorial.