How to install DotUI on Miyoo Mini Plus?

While installing Onion on Miyoo Mini Plus is the most concerned topic for people using this retro handheld device, DotUI is a niche system for people who demand the simplicity. Inspired by the MinUI on RG35XX, DotUI is a focused custom firmware for the Miyoo Mini Plus, which is perfect for anyone who loves the minimalist concept. In fact, it is truly a ported MinUI for the Miyoo Mini Plus. It doesn’t include the best Miyoo Mini Onion apps, obviously, but it won’t distract you from tinkering the handheld.

Just like I love MinUI in RG35XX, I kinda like the idea of implementing DotUI into the Miyoo Mini Plus. However, the development of Onion OS is truly a feat that you should admire, and it’s difficult to live without it. You can overclock CPU on Miyoo Mini with Onion, or even run nds games. Are you willing to sacrifice these features?

If your answer is yes, hold tight, and read how to install DotUI on Miyoo Mini Plus.

What you need

  • The latest version of DotUI (download both base and extras, then unzip both)

How to install DotUI on Miyoo Mini Plus

Make sure to update Miyoo Mini firmware before installing. Format your SD card to FAT32. At the moment, DotUI is only available for the Miyoo Mini Plus, not the standard Miyoo Mini.
  • Insert your SD card to a computer. After unzipping both DotUI files, you can copy Roms, Bios, Emus, Saves, and Tools to the root of your SD card
  • Don’t forget to copy miyoo354 to the root of your SD card
  • You can also proceed to add your games and BIOS files into respective folders
  • Insert your SD card back to the Miyoo Mini Plus. Power on and the installation process will run automatically for 10 seconds

Miyoo Mini Plus’s DotUI features

  1. No settings, no application, no box art, theme or any distraction (plus for me).
  2. Automatically hides extension and region/version cruft in display names
  3. Consistent in-emulator menu with quick access to save states, disc changing, and emulator options
  4. Automatically sleeps after 30 seconds or press POWER to sleep (and wake)
  5. Automatically powers off while asleep after two minutes or hold POWER for one second
  6. Automatically resumes right where you left off if powered off while in-game, manually or while asleep
  7. Resume from manually created, last used save state by pressing X in the launcher instead of A
  8. Streamlined emulator frontend (minarch + libretro cores)

Miyoo Mini Plus’s DotUI shortcuts

START + L/RReduce/increase brightness
Hold SELECT when in menuShow volume level
MENU + POWERForce power off

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my Miyoo Tutorial.