How to overclock CPU on Miyoo Mini?

While overclocking CPU on RG35XX is easy to do with Garlic, hardware limitations on the Miyoo Mini stops many Onion devs from maximizing the popular retro handheld emulator’s potential. Not anymore! Because we’re able to overclock CPU on Miyoo Mini, finally. It isn’t stable, no, but it opens a new era where we can hope to run Nintendo DS (nds) and even Nintendo 64 (n64) on our beloved Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus. Today, I will write quickly on how to overclock CPU on Miyoo Mini, which is the same as how to run Nintendo DS on Miyoo Mini.

Thanks Steward-Fu for all of his hard works of Miyoo Mini drastic, and many others for making this dream come true. He is also the author of FFPlay, the media player on Miyoo Mini. Make sure to read my Miyoo Mini Onion guide before using the system.

Currently, you should download or update to version 1.6 of Drastic on Miyoo Mini, as it improves better performance than any previous version.

What you need

How to overclock CPU on Miyoo Mini?

  • Put your Miyoo Mini’s SD card into a computer. If you’re using a Miyoo Mini Plus, you can also open via FTP server or HTTP server
  • Create an Emu folder at the root of the SD card if it doesn’t exist
  • Extract that you previously downloaded. Copy the whole drastic folder into Emu
  • Create a NDS folder inside Roms, and put Nintendo DS games into this folder (.nds)
  • Insert SD card back to Miyoo Mini, open drastic
  • Your Miyoo Mini’s CPU is overclocking at 1.6 GHz

Drastic settings for Miyoo Mini

DraStic is not quite unfamiliar with people using retro handheld emulators anymore, as it is a special DS emulator that is able to swap screen. It is the needed feature to emulate dual-screen on any single-screen system. Up until now, people don’t believe the Miyoo Mini have such power to run DraStic emulator. To improve performance for DraStic emulator on Miyoo Mini, you should change these settings:

  • Go to drastic > config
  • Open drastic.cfg with Notepad
  • Replace
frameskip_type = 2
frameskip_value = 4


frameskip_type = auto
frameskip_value = 1
  • Replace
enable_sound = 1


enable_sound = 0

This is the performance wise setting for using DraStic emulator on Miyoo Mini. It would trade off better performance with increasing stutter of sound. So, you really should turn off your game sound.

By default, DraStic emulator will overclock CPU at 1.6 GHz, which is the ‘balanced’ setting to run nds games without overheating the Miyoo Mini. If you truly want to push its CPU further by overclocking at 1.9 GHz, open with Notepad, at the root of drastic folder. Then replace:

cd $mydir
./cpuclock 1600


cd $mydir
./cpuclock 1900

Normally, I don’t recommend to try this route, because overclocking Miyoo Mini to extreme settings will cause the device to overheat, and it might be bad for your device.

That’s it, if you have any other questions, please find it in my Miyoo Tutorial.